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I am an attorney/analyst for a civil-rights law firm that focuses on disability discrimination and a PhD Candidate in the final stages of a dissertation on the historical impact of technology on American privacy law. I also teach history. Formerly, I worked in web development and systems administration in the Arnold Library at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

My PhD dissertation is focused on the history of law and technology, specifically the impact of technology on privacy law (including concepts like liberty, autonomy, secrecy, confidentiality, and so on). It primarily focuses on American law, but also draws on English and European law for comparison and contrast.

My teaching has usually related to similar topics (American history, legal history, the history of science, and writing in the context of world history), with an emphasis on encouraging undergraduates to view historical methods, especially the use of evidence and argument, as practical skills to succeed in business and in life.

Additional academic work I have produced is listed on Google Scholar. More informal material is available at in propria persona.

I have written several law-review articles, and I also maintain a more informal online journal on law and technology:

Outside of academia, I also focus on law and technology in various ways. At TRE Legal, a small firm specializing in disability discrimination law, I provide legal analysis and process support.