Legal Work

at TRE Legal Practice

Legal Work at TRE Legal Practice

I received my JD from UC Hastings (‘09), but up until last year chose to pursue a PhD focused on the impact of technology on privacy law rather than practice as a lawyer. In 2016, I joined TRE Legal Practice to work alongside a law-school classmate, Timothy Elder, to assist with legal research and writing and to provide paralegal services. The firm is focused primarily on cases of disability discrimination, especially those involving technology and accessibility.

In additional to my teaching and current role assisting at TRE Legal, I am considering joining the Bar and practicing as a full lawyer. Such a move would complement my general philosophy of merging theory and practice.

TRE Legal is a civil-rights law firm fighting discrimination and specializing in the rights of the blind and other disabled people to access employment, education, government programs, public accommodations, accessible technology and all other aspects of society.

Recent news from TRE Legal Practice includes: