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About My Writing

Kristopher A. Nelson, JD, MA
Kristopher A. Nelson, JD, MA
Lawyer & historian.
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My writing is a mix of professional (legal briefs and similar) and academic (mostly history).
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Legal Writing#

Almost all of my current writing is professional legal work intended for judges and other lawyers. Most of it is done in collaboration with other attorneys, which has given me a great deal of experience with joint authorship and editing. Some of my work appears (often not under my name!) in plaintiff-side filings in cases like Orozco v. Garland, Martinez v. County of Alameda et al., and State of California ex rel. Bryan Bashin v. Conduent, Inc. et al..

Academic Writing

My academic writing generally focuses on the intersections of history, law, science, and technology. My (unfinished) PhD dissertation research was focused on the historical impact of technology on privacy law. It was to be called “What will become of the domestic hearth?”: Impacts of Technology on the Development of Privacy Law in the United States, ca. 1792-1972.

My academic publications cover a mix of history, law, and critical theory.

Informal Writing

For a number of years, I have also published more informal work online at in propria persona, my personal blog focused on histories of law & technology. It is rarely updated now that I have mostly left academia.

Otherwise, most of my informal writing is posted on the Fediverse/Mastodon, where I am